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Prostate Cancer
"Together with the brightest minds in research, we aim to achieve significant breakthroughs in the hope of beating prostate cancer. Our disruptive funding approach identifies revolutionary ways to accelerate health outcomes by creating strong, global collaborative teams." Dr. Colleen Nelson, Global Scientific Chair.
Men's Health
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“Despite being the 2nd most common cancer in young men, testicular cancer is often a forgotten cancer due to early detection and treatment. Our projects look at underinvested areas such as improving access to healthcare services and treatment options for relapse” Paul Villanti, Executive Director, Programmes.

Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Service

Implemented by
Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
Report Card Date
31 July 2015
Reporting period
May 2012 to July 2015
Project Status
Project Completed

AUD 3,600,000

Movember Funding to Date

What we seek to achieve

To trial a national program of Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses working within the hospital system to provide supportive care for men affected by prostate cancer.

How the project works

This was a free service for men with prostate cancer and carers. The nurses were in regional, rural and metropolitan hospitals across Australia. The nurses were employed directly by their host hospital as part of a program run by Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA). Nurses provided quality, tailored care to men with prostate cancer and their carers to better meet their information and support needs. An evaluation has been completed which measured how effective the service was in delivering care to those affected by prostate cancer.

This project initially funded the placement of 12 Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses in all States and Territories across Australia. 10 positions are currently receiving ongoing funding through the employing hospital. The program has been expanded by PCFA to included other sites funded through other sources. Currently there are 25 Nurses participating in this program nationally.

An additional $6.7 million was provided by the Federal Government to PCFA to fund additional nurses to be part of the PCFA Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Service. Community based funding initiatives have also enabled the program to expand. 

What we are doing / have done

This project was subject to a formal evaluation.
Over 5000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer accessed this service and had ongoing care provided by their nurse throughout their cancer journey through Movember Foundation funded positions.
Evaluation has shown the intervention of a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse has improved the experiences of care for men with prostate cancer.
The evaluation specifically showed;
The Nurses are supporting men with prostate cancer making treatment decisions;
- 7188 of patient contacts were for the provision of information 
- 76% of patients reported having their first contact with the Nurse before their first treatment. Of these patients, 69% did not feel they needed to have this contact sooner in their cancer journey
- The median decisional regret score was 5.0 in men with prostate cancer who had access to a PCSN (range 0 = no regret to 100 = highest regret)
The Nurses are helping men manage the effects of treatment;
- 3214 of patient related contacts were for continence assessment and advice
- 1825 of patient related contacts were for sexual function assessment and advice
- 1953 of patient related contacts were for general symptom assessment and advice
The Nurses are supporting families affected by prostate cancer;
- 3396 of contacts made by the Nurse were with carers of men affected by prostate cancer
- 64% of carers reported they first had contact with the Nurse in the outpatient context or soon after
- 74% of these carers reported this was prior to treatment and 77% did not feel this contact needed to be sooner in the cancer journey
The Nurses are active in both their hospitals and communities providing education to those affected by prostate cancer:
- Data shows that all Nurses participated in a number of forums to provide an education function. This includes providing a structured education program to people affected by cancer, participation in community awareness events, formal teaching programs to nurses and medical professionals.
The Nurses are working to improve cancer care services at a local and national level:
- Data  shows the Nurses are involved in a number of initiatives to improve cancer care delivery including participation in nursing professional body activity, local research and quality improvement activity as well as working as a team to produce educational materials for nurses and men with prostate cancer.

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